Bug Sweeping: Know the Red Flags and Signs

The fear of corporate devices being bugged and information stolen is becoming a new challenge for businesses. In 2019, a report estimated trade secret theft of companies in the United States to cost $180-$540 billion. The good news is that identifying bugs through a technological process called bug sweeping is also more effective than ever before.

What is Bug Sweeping?

Bug sweeping, also known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), is the process of identifying and neutralizing listening devices and other electronic surveillance equipment. While bugging devices can be hidden in a wide variety of places, most are relatively easy to find with a sweep. The goal of bug sweeping is to ensure that your environment is free of electronic eavesdropping devices so that you can conduct your organizational activities privately.

Bug Sweeping is Becoming an Essential Security Measure

Bug sweeping has become an essential security measure for businesses, government agencies, and individuals concerned about leaking confidential business information and data. Bug sweeping can be performed with specialized electronic detection equipment or by physically searching the premises. Buggers are good at hiding devices, so many businesses hire a professional investigation company, like Talon Premier Security, to help run a bug sweep (or signal scan) to identify hidden devices.

Red Flags & Signs You Need a Bug Sweep

If you suspect your home or business has been bugged, we recommend you take action immediately. A bug sweep can help detect covert listening devices and other types of surveillance equipment. Here are some red flags that may indicate the need for a bug sweep:

  • Unusual patterns of behavior from people you know or employees
  • Unexplained technical issues, setting changes, or error messages on your phone or computer
  • Static or buzzing on your phone line
  • Unusual clicks or beeps when using your phone or computer
  • Difficulty connecting to the internet or slow internet speeds
  • You have reason to believe that someone has physically accessed your devices without your permission
  • You’ve been the target of a sophisticated phishing attack

Protecting Yourself & Your Business

Security in today’s environment is unique, multi-dimensional, and rapidly evolving. One aspect of security that is commonly overlooked is the protection of information. Always remember to keep sensitive data locked up and out of sight, and don’t leave personal items or electronics unsecured in public places. You should also be careful about what you say in public and to who you say it.

Protect yourself against bugging or espionage by establishing strict security protocols at your organization. Knowing the red flags and signs also allows you to take steps toward protecting your information before a leak happens. If you suspect you are the target of bugging or espionage, contact a professional bug sweeping company to assess and analyze threats through signal scanning and perform a physical inspection.

Talon Premier Security Bug Sweeping, Counter-Surveillance & Electronic Countermeasure Services

You deserve the peace of mind that your privacy has not been compromised. At Talon Premier Security, our clients have unique concerns, from protecting information related to physical safety to protecting trade secrets and corporate strategies.

Our counter-surveillance staff comprises personnel with more than 20 years of experience in special operations and intelligence collecting. We utilize that specialized experience to give our clients peace of mind by knowing that your private moments and conversations remain confidential. Available counter-surveillance services:

  • Initial Consultation/Threat Analysis 
  • Signal Scanning (Commonly referred to as “Bug Sweeping”)
  • Physical Inspection for Hidden Devices
  • Electronic Jamming/Scrambling Capabilities
  • Deployable Technicians for Clients on Travel (Hotel Rooms, Conference Rooms)

Contact us to learn more about our investigative and counter-surveillance services.